Short styles, weaves, kids braids, and more!!!

- Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Frοm small hair tο medium раrt hair, tο long hair… I саn ԁο іt. AƖƖ types οf hair јυѕt qυеѕtіοn

Guys: Stοр looking іn thе mirror! Thіѕ video сƖаrіfіеѕ “whу″ hair poofs out whеn growing frοm small tο long.
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34 Responses to “Short styles, weaves, kids braids, and more!!!”

  1. Saylah4 Says:

    can you delight do a tutorial of the small hairdo at 0:45 ?? :D it would be very helpful thank you!

  2. HollywoodStarTV Says:

    I Like this! this video has now promote to be in no doubt rocking my small hair! its now in braids even if and look like a bob. And your very VEry PrettY wonderful styles
    and just a suggestion: have you ever looked into being a hair model if not any other model?

  3. N0tAverage Says:

    eeeew im only thru 40 seconds n i like already


    I like the small styles a lot

  5. RoJennell Says:

    @JJackeeeeee go for it!!!

  6. JJackeeeeee Says:



  7. x0Kendra0x Says:

    where are you from?

  8. RoJennell Says:

    Thanks so much!!! I am new to youtube so bare with me. I am going to post more and also do some tutorials. Thanks again! Be Blessed!

  9. LadyAngel22 Says:

    loving the small styles nice one

  10. Musique3579 Says:

    @localboyz72 Glad you like. Thanks! :-)

  11. localboyz72 Says:

    your video’s are alway’s inspirational, thanks =)

  12. Musique3579 Says:

    @freakzilla445 My pleasure! :-)

  13. Musique3579 Says:

    @zackrizzo90 Glad these “crazy” vids of mine are helping. Keep the hair growing man. I have NEVER yet heard of one single guy who has made to long hair say that he regretted having it. All the best-

  14. zackrizzo90 Says:

    Thanks so much for this video Justin! I was so frustrated with the “poof” and thought something was incorrect with me and I contemplated cutting it so many era. I find all your videos so helpful as I go through my journey to long hair! Thanks again!

  15. freakzilla445 Says:

    Awesome tips :) ….thank you

  16. Musique3579 Says:

    @yourmotherlovesme132 My pleasure. :-)

  17. yourmotherlovesme132 Says:

    thankyou very much this is a fantastic pep talk

  18. Musique3579 Says:

    @FixxxeR208 I have never heard of these facts, but I hardly know everything. Best thing to do is experiment and see what works best with “your” hair type.

  19. FixxxeR208 Says:

    @Musique3579 well I’ve read facts that many long hairs threw the conditioners in the garbage. and some don’t use shampoo at all and their hair seemed to be in a excellent shape. a group of men said that conditioners may go better for a few hours, and they may briefly look better, but they dry out and deteriorate quicker. and some other conditioners can make the hair tough as plastic and may eventually fall when trying to spick and span them in the ends when they are tied. thanx

  20. Musique3579 Says:

    @hallchad612 Thanks. You should see it now. 4″ long already since this video was made.

  21. hallchad612 Says:

    Excellent luck on growing the hair

  22. Musique3579 Says:

    @FixxxeR208 No wits to be weary of conditioner. Just lather it in as you would shampoo and then wash (mostly) all out. I have never heard of anyone having troubles with conditioner, but I have heard and do all the time from those that don’t. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  23. FixxxeR208 Says:

    @Musique3579 you mean to always use conditioner? does the using of it prevent the hair weakness? you know, I started getting a bit worried to use conditioner, you know, cuz it may fortuitously fall near the roots, respectively the scalp and it may ruin everything.
    And I’m not sure if I’m using it well. I usually apply it with my hands and trying to separate the strands. But I’m not sure if it has a excellent effect. thanx

  24. Musique3579 Says:

    @FixxxeR208 Best thing you could EVER do for your hair is make sure you use conditioner always. Also, you may want to use some spray-in conditioner for additional protection.

  25. FixxxeR208 Says:

    Justin, can you give me some main reasons that makes the hair weak and how to make them strong? Do you have any tips to strengthen the strands while growing?

  26. kornandbmxismylife Says:

    i find it amusing when public say to get a haircut when i took a 1/2 inch off to “trim” it. and i say i just did a few months ago. Makes me laugh when they give me a confused look and walk away LOL!

  27. RebelHQ Says:

    OMG yes!!! I kept getting the poofed out hair! Very annoying.

  28. akudal964 Says:

    3:16 LOL that was amusing, you did exactly what i’m doing all the time

  29. sportsportsport Says:

    “Then look down and learn the wreck I am” – haha! Jokes.

  30. Musique3579 Says:

    @nicholasyoder It sounds as if your hair grows at a slower speed than the normal 6″ per year. Perhaps switch to the Aussie line of producs: Shampoo and Conditioner, and see how this works. Anything is worth a try. Most likely it is all genetics. Best of luck to you.

  31. nicholasyoder Says:

    That’s exactly what I do in the mirror. I’ve been surveillance your videos for a long time now and since have developed my hair long. I started with shaved bald head and now after 3 years my hair is only 9 inches. Why is it only 9? I have never trimmed it once and I use nioxin and suave alternating.

  32. Musique3579 Says:

    @Russell3008 Your hair must be wavy to start with my most beloved son. No wait, I AM the beloved son of my father. Hmmmmmmmm, snooked and snookered again for he says he likes ALL. That means I am not his favorite anymore. (fake weep.) Time to repent, resent, ponder, spend and get lost in the wilderness in a Blackberry scrap. There I can meditate as well as mediate as I turn the brambles into “Bread Sticks” for my food. (Time to say Grace.) But wait, why Grace? What about Debbie, or Cindy or??

  33. Musique3579 Says:

    @rick92rr ok now. Thanks! :-)

  34. Russell3008 Says:

    @Musique3579 Father Jesus, conditioner makes my hair all wavy :O and it feels lighter

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