The 2nd Bae Yong Jun?

- Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Having full over аѕ ambassador fοr Thе Face Shop frοm 38-year-ancient Bae Yong Joon, аnԁ аƖѕο having a close relationship wіth thе еnԁ, іt іѕ nο wonder thаt 24-year-ancient Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong hаѕ bееn dubbed “thе 2nd Bae Yong Joon”. Bυt ԁοеѕ such a nickname add pressure tο thе already-successful star οf Boys Over Flowers аnԁ Playful Kiss fame? Catch thіѕ аnԁ more οn

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29 Responses to “The 2nd Bae Yong Jun?”

  1. eonidarosen Says:

    Try latin women ****

  2. pandachoo Says:

    Really I reckon both are handsome in their own ways – uncommon appeal… Hyun Joong is fresh + lively + cheeky… Like him!

  3. pandachoo Says:

    I like KHJ and i reckon he is more handsome than BYJ. I also like BYJ but he’s beyond doubt not as handsome as Hyun Joong lah…. lol*

  4. GoodPerson75 Says:

    I like KHJ ,
    but i don’t reckon he looks like BYJ…..Bae Yong Joon is more handsome and more attractive than him !!

  5. arielLoveEric Says:

    I wish that they’remarried in real. They look so sweet together. BJY is such an incredible actor, and person. He’s deserved to be lucky.

  6. dex123james Says:


  7. chantalig29 Says:

    Vraiment très belle Choi Ji Woo…

  8. formanyreason Says:

    U hideous buttface ape queer digusting animal incesting down syndrome human shit scum, your the wits that chimpanzee are not evolving to look any better, public frown when they see your face, they use ur face and comfortable wiping their ass with it and passed around out in public, your face is the wits that many having a face transform in korea at plastic surgery clinic you bucket of dump queer!

  9. xonlyxjojox Says:

    omg most incredible couple with them the best

  10. ndm707 Says:

    No, they didn’t get married in real life. This wedding was the end part of the Winter Sonata anime. Choi Ji Woo has a real life boyfriend, Lee Jin Wook. They met when they were shooting the drama “Air City.” Lee Jin Wook was not the lead actor, he’s the second male lead. LJW is tall (6’1″) perfect for Choi Ji Woo who is also tall 5″8 or 5’9′,

  11. theshore465 Says:

    i like the original end of winter sonata. it has a bittersweet feel to it. this is so predictable.

  12. ohusen Says:

    الف مبروك الزفاف

  13. bongbongbay17 Says:

    i realy realy realy hope that ^^

  14. NagashKZ Says:

    WOW!!! When they maryed???

  15. MrNgocyen Says:

    choi ji woo wonderful

  16. Redsama226 Says:

    These pictures were shot for the animation “Winter Sonate” ^^
    Both of them haven’t changed, still that lovely and sweet! Wonderful! xD

  17. mikinonono98 Says:’s not the real wedding?just drama?

  18. khalizahkamsin Says:

    so……that why hero no 2 in winter sonata died…,

  19. lareina1984 Says:

    Buena cancion la de fondo, a bailar.

  20. JOROX3 Says:

    no. it was just a movie. She’s dating her co-star Lee jin wook

  21. joycelly71 Says:

    i agree with zharney, cjw & ljw is a better couple. i cant believe cjy & byj get married. it not sure, it make me confuse, :)

  22. ndm707 Says:

    I agree with Zharney, Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jin Wook is a better couple. As a matter of fact they are really in relationship in real life. They have the same beliefs, same likes & ofcourse both have excellent looks. I wish them the best of everything. Lee Jin Wook is taller than any of Ji Woo’s cover leading men. I reckon she like tall men because she stated that she likes to wear high heeled shoes.

  23. cebsjc98 Says:

    Is this the couple of “Winter Sonata”
    who play the role of “Kang Joon-sang
    and Jung Yu-jin”?, are they get married
    for real??… I hope its right wedding. I
    like it!…

  24. lvgene21 Says:

    lovely couple in a lovely video…

  25. 90210parisfy Says:

    what drama was this in? cause i don’t remember seeing this scene in winter sonata

  26. kirbysir675 Says:

    @shaimaa371 very ancient winter sonata . its an actual clip. no way those two gonna get married

  27. shaimaa371 Says:

    @kirbysir675 what drama it is ? is it new? i thought it was a fashion show

  28. shaimaa371 Says:

    i guss they were in a fashion show in 1:36 am i right?

  29. kirbysir675 Says:

    no idiots its a drama

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